Projects Released in February You Should Be Listening To

While this mostly is the case for every one of these monthly installments, I’ve really been looking forward to this particular round up. February was a fruitful month in terms of new releases, so much so that I made myself a playlist to keep track of all the music I really wanted to listen to, and later write about. So in the spirit of reflection and passionate recommendation, here are four projects released last month you should be listening to.

An illustrious project, filled with soulful refl

young friend Tackles Isolation and Nostalgia on His Latest EP, 'Scaredy Cat' [EP Review]

To reflect upon your character requires you to rack up a couple of years embodying your person. While it might not all be rainbows and sunshine, these experiences give you the necessary foreground to understand yourself, accept your nature, and all the things that constitute who you are in this moment. Only then will you be able to navigate the world, if not with confidence, at least with the right tools and mindset to cope with the rest.

Last year, Canadian singer-songwriter young friend (Drew

The Hails Finally Release Fan Favorite, “Breathless”

Florida’s finest five piece ensemble, The Hails, are regarded with something close to reverence and excitement from anybody plugged into the Florida scene. Having released singles and projects consistently and played their fair share of shows and festivals, you could definitely say they’ve earned this reputation. But if you needed a new year refresher as to why you should keep up with the band, their latest single, “Breathless” might just do the trick.

A cult-classic among their fans, “Breathle

11 Shades of Love: A Guide to Love Songs

In Rob Sheffields’ 2007 autobiography, titled, Love is a Mixt Tape: Life and Loss, One Song at a Time he proves in many ways that saying, “so and so’s album was the soundtrack of my life” is any but an exaggeration. Early on in the book, on the matter of mix tapes — playlists if you want to think of it in a modern context — he explains rather categorically, “There are all kinds of mix tapes. There is always a reason to make one.”

This got me thinking. I always find myself complaining about the

Harriette Shares Some Parting Words With Her New Single “Goodbye Texas”

There is something liberating about leaving a relationship in which you feel like you’ve grown out of what once felt like home. And, in guise of exasperating this sense of freedom, what better way of wishing good riddance than writing a complimentary letter. Adding her own twist to the classic breakup song, 23 year old singer songwriter Harriette wishes farewell to her home state, with her recent single, “Goodbye Texas.”

Enrobed in a sweet and twangy ambiance, Harriette addresses her beloved st

Get to Know Susannah Joffe [Interview]

Last week I got a chance to speak with Susannah Joffe. Aside from some killer recs, (more on that later) we discussed her journey as a songwriter, the benefits of creative agency, and life on the road.

If I’m not mistaken, you started writing songs and performing with your father. How young were you when you kind of caught the bug and realized that you’d want to try it out as a career

I was recording with my dad in high school. But at that point, I didn't think that I wanted to do music profes

John Keek shares emotionally charged EP, 'Do You Love John Keek?…

From playing the saxophone and singing in church in his early years to opening a couple west coast shows for King Krule back in 2017, the multi-instrumentalist has spent his fair share of time producing and performing music in various capacities.

While his previous singles nodded to his love for jazz compositions and traditional R&B artists, John’s recent EP, ‘Do You Love John Keek?’ sets modern genre bending practices at the forefront, while still lining the final product with a traditional fi

Blondshell marks new-beginnings with debut single, “Olympus”

Inspired by ultra-vulnerable songwriters like Elliot Smith and Tracy Chapman, 24-year-old artist Blondshell (fka BAUM) returned to the music scene guns-blazing with her debut single “Olympus”—a murky tale outlining a toxic relationship where romance is desolate.

Between a growingly identifiable vocal and looming guitars, she delivers a performance both devastating and liberating here. Now several releases in, Blondshell is continuing to turn heads in a way that only further confirms her star po

6 Projects Released in October You Should Be Listening To

October was a bit of a roller-coaster. And while last month I wholly embraced letting my moods and general environment control the music I listened to, October was a month that left me more willing to seek subtle escapism through various artistic mediums. As a result, I saw Avatar in theaters, finally got into Renaissance (better late than never), and momentarily pulled out all investments in the sad girl music economy — the exception being those Alex G tickets I bought. To my surprise, a lot of

This Is Steve Lacy’s World and We’re Just Living in It

The first time Steve Lacy performed “Mercury” it was in front of an unsuspecting and adoring Coachella crowd. While it might not have been outlined in the set-list, the singer felt particularly grateful for his fans, sharing “It’s crazy, I feel like I got off the Internet and you guys just spread my shit like wildfire.” Both inclined to play the track and also nervous to see their reactions, he gave it a go, and well, the rest was history. Looking back, this moment felt like the beginning of som

Illusion Hills Cycle Through Growth and Change With New EP, ‘come outside when the lights dim’ [EP Review]

With about one thousand songs coming out every hour across all streaming platforms, musical red-herrings aren’t completely unheard of. This saturation makes it difficult for not only deserving artists to break through the noise, but also music lovers to find their perfect match. While their name loosely alludes to the phenomenon, over the last few months, Illusion Hills has proven that their talent is anything but a mirage. Single after single, they’ve smoothly prompted listeners to push their a

LAUNDRY DAY Share Their Outstanding Single, “Moved On”

As any person irrationally devoted to musicians would know, there is usually a period of inactivity that follows a new album and its consequential tour. Depending on the artist's process and the success of said album, this lull could go on for years at a time — Frank Ocean is a great, and unfortunate, example of this fact. Luckily for LAUNDRY DAY fans, the five-piece always seems to have something new and exciting up their sleeve. Just this year they've released a debut album, which was followed

4 Albums Released in September You Should Be Listening To

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m finally getting in the swing of things. Routines are finally carved out, schedules set in stone, and the only thing getting me through it all are album releases. So, in an attempt to center ourselves and recap the last month in order to properly move into this one, here are four projects released in September you should be listening to.

Recommended tracks: “Something You Know” and “Relax and Run”

Unexpected, but warmly welcomed, Devonte Hynes shared

Osé Shares Her Enthralling R&B Jam “Perfect Timing”

Having sung in her church since the age of four, it’s fair to assume — and I can gladly confirm — that Osé has the voice of an angel. Inspired by the likes of H.E.R, Brandy, and Summer Walker, Osé's music mirrors the mesmerizing nature of her influences. Back with another single to lure us into the warmth of her musical orbit, the Canadian songstress offers “Perfect Timing.”

Dimly lit and atmospheric, “Perfect Timing” is an impeccably layered and lush track sure to draw you in on your first lis

Susannah Joffe Looks Back on Toxic Patterns With Her Latest Single, “Good Sex”

We all have an idea of what romance is supposed to feel like; a whirlwind of passion, desire, and butterflies. However, one of the more ambiguous aspects of the phenomenon are the actions that should (or shouldn’t) elicit those feelings. How does one decipher the green, red, and sometimes, yellow flags? And more importantly, how do you get out of the habit of seeking the bad apples? While Susannah Joffe might not have the answers to your romantic queries, her latest single, “Good Sex,” emphatica

3 Music Documentaries You Should Check Out

I am a big believer in the power of musical deep-dives. Artists repurposing forgotten references, watching — and rewatching — live performances, obsessively following up on an interest by watching multiple documentaries just to get the full picture; you get the gist. Diving head first into the contextual aspect of anything allows you to appreciate the little things as well as harness more love than you thought you had to begin with. In the spirit of exploring musical rabbit-holes, here are some

Top 5 Best Dressed Musicians

When you’re a fan of a particular musician, it becomes more than just about the music. Their quirks, personality, style and interest also become of importance to you. This is where parasocial attachments come in. While I would love to delve into that tangled mess, I’d like to rank something more pleasant; fashion. Just like their art, a musician's lifestyle and fashion sense can become a source of inspiration for their fans, and can even go as far as to shift a culture altogether. Below I'll dis

Annika Bennett Shares Heart-Wrenching and Nostalgic EP, 'ROOM (DEMOS)' [EP Review]

Zoë Kravitz’s Rob (High Fidelity) describes picking songs for her “road trip” as an art. An art that entails using another person's poetry to express your feelings. This concept isn’t completely lost on the artistic trade that occurs between artists and listeners. The artist pours their heart and soul into highly personal and vulnerable verses for us (the listeners) to seamlessly absorb according to our poetic and sentimental needs. Say what you will, but this sense of emotional understanding is

flipturn Share Enchanting Debut Album, ‘Shadowglow’ [Album Review]

Our lives are filled with contrasting elements. And while we can’t do much about the different extremes we are subjected to, the best we can do is find, and maintain a balance. In sustaining and balancing these elements adequately — something that can only be learned with time and practice — we can find control and beauty within the madness. This is something indie-rock band flipturn manages to do masterfully on their debut album Shadowglow.

Prior to this release, flipturn grew most of their fo

Get To Know NUFFER [Interview]

Starting out in a new career can be nerve-racking. New schedules, etiquettes, and general lifestyle changes are hard to navigate when you first step into an environment. Luckily for NUFFER (Jake Nuffer) most of his life has been a form of preparation for his recent solo endeavor. A week before the release of his debut EP, A-OK, I got a chance to speak to the San Diego native over Zoom. We got talking about everything from his musical background, to his up-coming EP — and even got some solid reco
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